The following information explains our process and provides an understanding of what is required during a kitchen renovation from start to finish.

1. Initial Consultation

I always take the time to come to your home, get to know you, look at your space, and explain how I work. An initial consultation takes about 90 minutes and includes a site measure and a comprehensive question and answer session. This is a time for me guide you through the design process, discuss your appliance needs, and take a full brief from you so that I can best understand how your kitchen should function for you and your family.

2. Design

After the consultation I will start work on the design concept, using 3D software so you can clearly visualise the style and personality of your new kitchen. Concept images will be emailed to you along with a design statement which explains the layout and function of the design. If there is more than one design that will work in your space, you will be presented with each design for your consideration and preference. When the design is refined and agreed you will be emailed final concept images.

3. Material Selection

When the design is finalised, you will be invited to my home in Whitby to view my kitchen (made by Ladd Joinery) and select your products and materials from my wide range of samples including, handles, accessories, benchtop material, and cabinet colours.

I will then prepare a full list of specifications and email your design to the joiner for a price to manufacture and install your new kitchen.

4. Quote

You will be emailed a comprehensive itemised quote on behalf of Ladd Joinery. If you are unsure about any details in your quote don’t hesitate to ask. Payment terms and conditions are included on the quote. Ladd Joinery quotes are valid for 30 days due to ongoing price rises, so if you wish to accept the quote, it is important to confirm ASAP.

5. Acceptance

Once the quote is accepted, I will make a return visit to site and present the contract and itemise the product and material selections while the joiner carries out a check measure.
The contract & material selections will be confirmed and signed off by you. A deposit of 50 percent is required at this stage, payable to Ladd Joinery by internet banking. Account details will be provided.

6. Trade Co-ordination

A kitchen renovation requires several different trades such as plumbing, electrical, builder, flooring, tiler, painter/plasterer. We can recommend trades that we use regularly, or you can work with your own trade supplier.
I will provide general instructions and final dimensioned working drawings so that you can pass these on to the Trades and discuss your plumbing and electrical needs.

Most clients are happy to take on the Trade co-ordination themselves. If you do not wish to engage with the Trades, I can carry out the co-ordination service for you. This is not part of the design service and will be invoiced separately on an hourly rate.

7. Production & Manufacture

I will oversee the production process of your new kitchen. I provide a detailed working plan and list for the joiner so they can begin the process of manufacturing your kitchen. The installer is also provided with detailed instructions and plans.
Depending on workloads, the manufacturing process normally takes about 6 weeks. 

8. Progress Payment

When your kitchen is ready for delivery, I will do a final check at Ladd Joinery to make sure all design elements and accessories are fitted as per my specifications. The second progress payment is required at this time

9. Removal of Old Kitchen

We work with an independent installer who can provide you with a price to remove and dispose of your old kitchen. If you require this service, I will supply photos of your existing kitchen and site access so that he can provide a quote.

Kitchen removal will normally be carried out around 1 -2 weeks prior to the installation (depending on how much decorating is building work is required) to allow time for your trades to carry out the pre- plumb and pre- wire, plus any decorating or building alterations that may be required.

10. Old Flooring

Once the kitchen is removed, the old floor is uplifted and prepared ready for the new flooring (prior to the new kitchen being installed)

Please contact your flooring contractor to discuss their process and pre-book your new flooring install date. Please note, old tiles will need to be lifted, and/or old lino and laminate removed so the floor can be levelled BEFORE the new flooring is laid.

11. Delivery & Installation

On the install day, your kitchen cabinets will be delivered fully assembled by Ladd Joinery and installed by our professional installer. The kitchen cabinets are usually installed within 1- 2 days depending on the size of your kitchen. We will leave the toe kicks off so that the new flooring can be laid under the cabinets.

12. Benchtops

Stone benchtops need to be templated, and normally take 10-15 working days to manufacture after your kitchen cabinets have been installed. We will arrange the template and liaise with the benchtop manufacturer on your behalf. You will be advised of the benchtop install date. If you require a temporary bench top during this time, please let us know.

Laminate benchtops do not usually require templates and are normally installed at the same time as the cabinetry. Stainless benchtops may or may not require template, depending on their size and shape and what the site access is like.

13. Splashbacks

If you are having a glass splashback it will also need to be templated. I will book this for you once the benchtop has been installed. You will need to know what colour you would like so you can let the contractor know at the time of template. Glass splash backs take about 10-15 working days to manufacture. Free standing canopy rangehoods are normally hung AFTER the glass splashback is installed. Tiled splash backs also happen at this time, arranged by you and your tiler

14. Final Fit Off

24 hours drying time is required after the bench is installed. Following this, you can book your plumber and electrician to carry out the final fit off for your new appliances and re-connect your sink and dishwasher.

15. New Flooring

New flooring can be laid any time after the cabinets have been installed. I usually suggest that you wait until your benchtop is on, and all the trades have finished to ensure your new floor is not accidentally damaged during the final stages.

When the new floor is down, we will return to fit the toe kicks. They will be scribed to the floor and sealed.

16. Warranty & Final Inspection

At last, the process is complete. The final step is for me to return to make sure the install has been completed correctly and admire your new kitchen with you! I will also provide you with the warranty document and take some photos with your permission, for use on my website and/or social media

17. Review & Feedback

Renovating a kitchen is a huge undertaking that often takes many months. I build relationships with all my clients along the way. The end results make it all worthwhile.

I would be thrilled to receive your feedback by way of a short emailed review for my website if you had a positive experience working with Perfect Order and Ladd Joinery.

Honest reviews really help my future clients to build trust and credibility. I always strive to do my absolute best for everyone I work with. I also welcome any feedback that will help me improve my process or service to you.

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