Designing a kitchen requires lots of decisions. Choosing products and materials, deciding which appliances to have, thinking about layout and placement of your electrical and plumbing needs. Then there is flooring, lighting, wall colours, and splashbacks to think about.

A professional kitchen designer can help you bring all these decisions together and guide you along the way.

Not just any designer

Do your research before you engage the services of a designer. Have a look at their website, read the testimonials and reviews, take a look at their recent work. Building a professional relationship is all about trust and feeling confident and comfortable with the person you are working with. When you meet with a designer chances are you will discuss how they work, what they can do for you, and what their prices are likely to be.
You will know fairly quickly, if you actually like the person! Do they make you feel relaxed, are they friendly? Do they show real interest in you?

Cost vs Value

Find out exactly what you are getting for your money and what’s included in the price.
Cost is measured by the price or amount you are prepared to spend for a quality product.
Value is what a product or service is worth to you – How will it make your life easier?
Working with a designer that can handle the kitchen renovation process from start to finish will save you the stress, hassle and time which in turn adds value to what is on offer.

Remember – Cheapest is not always best!